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Connecting people means connecting ideas. To initiate change, we build networks so ideas can be cross-pollinated between actors in the food system. Currently, SRI-Mas runs the SRI Farm Network between five states in Malaysia for SRI communities to share struggles and exchange ideas. We are also connected to the greater Asia SRI Network, connecting chapters from all across Asia.

We Connect Malaysia


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SRI Lovely 
Kg. Lintang

This award-winning, integrated organic farm located in Kg Lintang, Sik, Kedah is run by a cooperative- Koperasi Agrobelantik Sik. Farm operations began in 2010, and in 2011 Captain Zakariah (SRI-Mas Regional Coordinator and SRI-Lovely Managing Director) adopted SRI on the farm in its totality. The cooperative is now the proud owner of the ASEAN-wide recognised Malaysian Organic Certificate (SOM).

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With the encouragement of Tuan Haji Marzuki (Government Officer at KEDA), SRI rice was planted in a small area in Kaki Bukit, Baling, Kedah in 2014. The plants fared very well, but the area was later designated to be a flood retention pond and thus, had to be abandoned.  A new area will be chosen to be planted with SRI rice in the coming seasons.

SRI Lovely 
Kaki Bukit
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Salwati Ariffin (SRI-Mas Regional Coordinator of Malaysia's Eastern Peninsula) started this organic SRI project in 2012.

SRI Kelantan 

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SRI Kelantan-Sg. Pinang is an organic SRI project that began operations in November 2013.

SRI Kelantan 
Sg, Pinang

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SRI Kelantan 


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Zulkifli Sulaiman (SRI-Mas Regional Coordinator) began operations in Sawah Sempadan, Selangor in 2012.



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Sulaiman Wagiman started planting organic SRI rice on a small, one-quarter acre plot in 2013, having been encouraged by the head of Department of Agriculture (Ledang). In the subsequent seasons, the farming area under SRI was expanded to one acre.


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In Tombatuan, Sabah, five landowners started practicing SRI in April 2015. SRI was adopted on about five acres in the highland region. Captain Zakariah (SRI-Mas Regional Coordinator and SRI-Lovely Managing Director) is providing the farmers with technical assistance and field expertise.


We Connect Asia

We host and participate in events that bring agents from participating countries from all over the world together. By sharing challenges, successes, and innovative ideas, we are all able to create better adapted SRI production systems. 

Mid-term Evaluation of SRI-LMB Lower Mekong Basin Project

10 April 2018

Having successfully tendered for the SRI-LMB MTE, SRI-Mas MTE team members set off on a field mission to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam to conduct the field evaluation of the MTE in July 2018.

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SAFSeN-ASEAN Smart Farmers Regional Carnival, Chiangmai, Thailand

20-23 January 2015 

This event was held in Maejo University, Chiangmai Thailand provides a platform for regional networking among farmers and agriculture communities in the region to get to know each other and explore potential collaborations for optimizing productivity and efficiency in food production and trade.

For more information on the SAFSeN project check here

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Woman and Youth


Promoting youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems 


HLPE e-consultation on the Report’s scope

We would like to inform you that the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) has launched an online consultation for its new report “Promoting youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems”.

With this open consultation, the HLPE invites you to share your views and comments on the scope and building blocks of this upcoming report.

For further information and to take part, visit the HLPE consultation webpage in EnglishFrench or Spanish  where you will find the full introduction and the guiding questions. 

In parallel to this scoping consultation, the HLPE is also calling for interested experts to candidate to the Project Team for this report. You can access the call 

We hope you will take part in this important process and invite you to share this information with your professional network. 

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