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SRI-Mas Newsletter


The last of the TOT series for our two year GEF SGP UNDP funded #SRI4Diversity project, this SRI farmer field school training of trainer session was on SRI land preparation and plant establishment. Additionally, we conducted a Training of Farmers (TOF) session that focused on biofertilizer preparation.


Training of Farmers ( TOF) 1 , 30th April 2019 This SRI-FFS TOF is a three day program organised by SRI-Mas, KOPETA and the Salvation Army. The trainers from SRI-FFS Tambatuon involved are Francis, Jakius and Margret also assisted by Irene and Lorine.


Training of Farmers ( TOF) II, 1 May 2019. The farmers of Kampung Ratau learned to prepare SRI rice field, nursery and implements as well as to transplant and care for young seedlings in a field environment.The trainers were Magret, Irene, Jakius, Francis and Lorain from KOPETA, Tambatuon.


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