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Workshop on Trichoderma Production

5 May 2015 at Min House Camp, Kota Bharu, Kelantan


This workshop gave an introduction to the benefits of Trichoderma for plant growth and a simple Trichoderma production method was demonstrated. Febri Doni spoke on the scientific background of Trichoderma-plant-interactions and Trichoderma-production. Salwati Mohd Ariffin then demonstrated how farmers easily could cultivate their own Trichoderma on corn. Interested farmers from SAFSeN Buriram,Thailand attended the workshop.


Trichoderma is a Genus of Fungi that inhabits soil and plants. They play an important role within the root-soil-interface (rhizosphere) and thereby provide major benefits for plant growth and health. Trichoderma is found in any soil across the world and thus can be applied to many crops in order to enhance growth conditions.

Febri Doni is currently conducting research on Trichoderma-plant-interactions. His talk focused on findings from his own studies, where he considers SRI management as well in enhancing crop production.

An initial Trichoderma culture was extracted and propagated at UKM from rice-growing soil. Dried corn is used to further propagate Trichoderma and for convenient application on soil. Therefore the corn has to be boiled for 15 minutes. Subsequently the corn is dried and packed in small plastic bags, where a small amount of Trichoderma is added. After one week, Trichoderma should have colonized the corn and can be spread on any soil.


The farmers that attended the workshop were given a small quantity of Trichoderma, wherefrom they can start propagating their own culture. The low costs and simplicity of this method make Trichoderma production highly effective and will hopefully lead to wide application amongst farmers.



Further information

Doni et al. (2014) Formulation of Trichoderma sp. SL2 inoculants using different carriers for soil treatment in rice seedling growth. SpringerPlus 3:352.

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